Hey there!

Doodle Flowers is getting a glow-up!

What that means for you is that it is a MORE comprehensive class (including how to add 3D elements to your doodles!) to take you from doodle novice to creating cool doodle art that you will be excited to share with others.

Have you felt held back by fear or self-doubt in expressing your creativity?

Learn basic shapes and playful techniques to build confidence and debunk the myth that creativity requires innate talent. We can ALL learn to draw fun and fanciful florals 🌻🌷🌺🌼

Are you seeking a mindful, therapeutic activity to quiet your mind?

This class offers relaxing doodle techniques presented in the SDG "structured creative" approach for you to easily follow and adapt.

Do you want to explore your artistic side in a supportive environment, whether you’re new or experienced?

Join in fun projects like creating a zine mini journal, and discover that being an artist isn’t about strict rules or perfect technique. Bonus live ZOOM meetups will occur throughout summer 2024!

All workshop content is available within the course for you to work through at your own pace.

LIVE ZOOM DATES: Optional Studio Chats to create in community.

  • Sunday, June 9 at 1:00-3:00 PM Central
  • Sunday, June 23 at 1:00-3:00 PM Central
  • Sunday, July 14 at 1:00-3:00 PM Central
  • Sunday, July 28 at 1:00-3:00 PM Central

Think of this class in two parts.

The first part, you are building your skills. Your visual vocabulary. Your muscle memory. Your pattern preferences. Your mindset.

Your drawing skills will explode with enthusiasm for different types of lines, shading and shadowing, and playing with colors.

You will create your very own Doodle Flower Dictionary to use as a reference.

Learning to see the basic shapes will transform your doodles.

Different pens, markers, and pencils create different types of lines.

Practice adding shading and shadows into your doodles for a POP!

And then shift your mindset for the second part.

This is where you will bring all of your learning together and practice composing layouts, creating a mini-journal, and refining your personal unique style.

Doodling flowers is one thing, but to put it all together is a new skill.

Yes, we have a final project! It's a really cool zine with LOTS of doodle flowers!

Throughout this class, you will begin to develop your own style and document it in your Doodle Flower Journal.

What Others are Saying about SDG Workshops

"I love how relaxing it is and easy. Roxanne meets every a doodler where they are at and teaches them several new skills to take after class."
~Stephanie L., Michigan

"Roxanne is an excellent, kind, creative, supportive teacher. She is able to lead you through what can be a daunting process or art journaling. She teaches a way to get over the scaries of starting a journal, how to embrace creative road blocks, love “mistakes” and turn them in to techniques. Can’t say enough about The Super Doodle Girl! She has opened a creative side of me I never knew I had. Forever grateful for Roxanne.❣️"
~Pam J., Virginia

"Roxanne has a wonderful talent and generous spirit. She shares this with instruction which is fun and encouraging. Her easy-going attitude and warm personality helps you explore numerous styles and techniques." ~Kate, Texas

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Both plans include OPTIONAL Live Studio Chats in June and July 2024.