Finding Light in the Darkness

Join Roxanne for a special candlelight, creative healing practice for those who need a space for grief, sadness, or simply a quiet space away from the holiday cheer.

The holidays can be especially difficult for those who are experiencing grief. We acknowledge that, for many people, this time of year is a time of loneliness, sorrow, alienation, sadness. This class offers a way for people to claim those feelings and still feel surrounded by the compassionate love of others.

Using guided meditation and simple doodles, Roxanne will lead you on a creative, meditative journey during this longest night of the year.

Class Supplies

  • Four small candles (Optional. To light during the intention setting at the beginning of class.)
  • Several sheets of paper or a journal to draw and doodle on.
  • Anything that you like to doodle or draw with (markers, pens, crayons, watercolor paints, etc)

NOTE: This class will not focus on any art or supply techniques. You will be able to see Roxanne's page as she works, but the focus of the class is on processing emotions and getting into a flow state.

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