Doodle Lettering: Supply List

You can use any supplies for Doodle Lettering. These are some of my favorites and I listed out options for you, in case you need some suggestions. 😊

Printable version for shopping. Click here.

Here are some easy ways to get supplies.

  1. The Super Doodle Girl Amazon Storefront where I have things linked to Amazon for you.
  2. Marker Supply Company has a Super Doodle Girl "Doodle Basics Kit" that will totally get you going for this class. They also have a Canson XL Mixed Media Pad that will work.


  • Waterproof black pens (examples: Microns or Sharpies)
  • Gel pens (like Pentel Sparkle Pop)
  • White gel pen (Uni Signo UM 153 or Pentel Grip Hybrid DX is amazing!)
  • Pencil and eraser

The minimum weight is a mixed media 98# paper. The size is also up to you. 

  • Canson XL Mixed Media Pad
  • Canson XL Watercolor

Watercolors or Water-based Markers

  • Water-based markers (Tombow or Crayola) OR
  • Watercolor paint (Prang)
  • Brushes for watercolor. Size 6 and size 3 rounds are my favorite sizes. 

Things from Your House

  • Straight edge or a ruler
  • Round things to trace around on your page
  • Two small jars for water
  • Paper towel or cloth 
  • Scissors
  • Hair dryer

NOTE: I will demo how to transform one page into a mini-sketchbook. If you want to do this, I recommend the UHU glue stick.

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